Here are our famed prices for finishing work:

These prices do not include VAT

Please note that our finishing services are usually available only for materials copied by us

Collating £1 every 600 sheets
Laminating A4: 40p each lamination
A3: 80p each lamination
Booklet making
(stapling and folding)
A4: 5p per volume
A3: 7.5p per volume
Comb binding 68p every 100 sheets and
between 0.50p and £ 1 per
volume for combs and covers
Guillotining £ 1 every 1000 sheets
cut once
Folding in half 1.2p per sheet
Folding to a third
(gate or Z folding)
1.5 p per sheet
Stapling 2p per volume